Friday, November 19, 2010

Daisy Girl Scouts are so diversified...Fishing to Tutu's

Girl Scouts are so much FUN!

What a great last two meetings we have had! We had a great outing at "Bass Pro" ; we learned how to fish, yes, we baited are own hooks, cast the line and I think we all caught fish. They were the biggest Bluegills most of us ever saw, and some of us even caught bass. Thank you to Bass Pro and Melody and David Just for arranging the fishing expedition. The pictures below will make you all believers...these girls are true
fishermen, OK...fishergirls!)

Our meeting this week was a very active one, great snacks of green grapes and yogurt,and 100% fruit juice, then off to expend some of the girls energy with playing move like the animal; running,hopping,crawling and some slithering all took place.

Last of all came the fun Tutu's we all made. Thanks to Heidi for supplying the elastic bands for the Tutu's! Some of us made tulle headbands while others made the tutu's. So... much fun and they turned out really nice.
Great idea Molly!

The Fishing
We had a BLAST!

and last but not least, if I missed capturing your daughters picture I am sorry,
I really try to get all the girls in the photos at least every other blog if not everyone.
I hope you all enjoy!
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girl Scout Troop of 2010-2011 Welcome

We have had one meeting so far {it was great to meet all the new GS's} are troop literally doubled from last year. Welcome to all the new girls and their parents.  We have also have
had our first outing on September 24,2010 to the Arbor Day Farm.

We started our day with a 75 minute drive (played car games, and got to know each other), ate a great lunch at the Cafe at the Farm and then headed on our 1 hour hiking trip through the trails.

What fun we all had learning about animal tracks,names of trees,smells of nature, and we even got to play in a real tree house and tie hammocks between branches for a little siesta. The last stop was to get a small spruce tree to plant ourselves...don't forget to keep track of how fast it grows...and maybe this spring we can measure them to see how big they have become. We all had a blast!

The girls were polite,courteous to all all around them and each other and wonderful as always...can't wait for our next trip.  Wonder where we will be going?

Please enjoy the pictures of the days events...

*Note: I take pictures of the outings for this troop...Sometimes the girls, the photographer, or camera do not see eye to eye. I really try to get pictures of them all on every outing sometimes it just does not happen. I am sorry. 
Pictures that are on this blog are the exclusive property of the blog owner or photographer.  Please ask to have a copy,
we will make sure you all get a photo album at the end of the year!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010


At the beginning of our day we talked about all the things we learned in Girl Scouts so far, to have courage, to be honest and fair,to be thoughtful, kindness to others and animals, to protect planet earth, and to make our world a better place, for all that live here. Then to the outdoors!

We saw snakes,bugs and frogs and had so much fun on our outdoor adventure. We saw animal tracks, deer and dogs, and saw bird nests. We heard birds and bugs sing their songs. We learned that trees and plants make oxygen for us to breathe and how they take in the carbon monoxide that we blow out.

We also learned how to help our planet by recycling,and to turn off water and the lights when we don't need them. We also talked a little about what will happen if we don't recycle. We as Girls Scouts can conserve our resources like power and water, and help our planet.

At the end of our day, we received our recognition awards for our cookie selling, and practiced our cheer.

Thanks to the leaders, we all had a fun day!!!!